New Patient Forms

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Winstead as soon as possible:

  1. First, we need you to complete the sign-in box at the bottom of this screen. We will send you Dr. Winstead’s latest Peripheral Neuropathy Workshop video, which you must watch before your FREE consultation.
  2. Please download, complete and return the forms listed below to our office. Please send these forms and any recent bloodwork/MRI/X-rays you have had. You can email the completed forms to or fax them to our office at 601-267-9431.
  3. Once we receive these completed forms and lab/x-ray information, we will contact you and schedule your FREE consultation.

Dr. Joanie Winstead’s Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: A Primary Healthcare Center dedicated to optimizing the
health and well-being of our patients

Mission: Have maximum positive input on every human being I come in contact with.

1. To test each patient metabolically, structurally, and neurologically
and return you to the most optimal state of health possible
2. To stabilize your autonomics (major organs of the body)
3. To balance the hemispheres of your brain (optimize movement and
mental processes).
4. To prevent neurological degeneration (brain and nerve damage).
5. To enhance, extend, and have maximum positive impact on your life.

Neuro Assessment Form
Metabolic Assessment Form
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