Patient Testimonials

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Mr. John W., Forest, MS- Testimony
My name is John W.. I was diagnosed with Neuropathy about 8 or 9 years ago. At the time I was diagnosed the doctor told me there was really not any treatments that I could do that would help this condition he would just give me some medication for pain. He gave me the medication that they use for people that have seizures and it changed my personality and I had to stop taking it. So I went on with doing nothing that helped me and I couldn’t find anything. I got on the Internet about 6 months ago and found Dr. Winsted’s website and I came for some treatments and she spent about 3 visits running test on me and see what I needed to do and she recommended a diet to use to help get away from the sugars in my body that she thought was causing some of the nerve damage that had occurred in my legs. So I went on the diet and lost about 12 lbs the first month and I’ve been doing the treatments since March. When I started it was very hard for me to sleep at night because the pain and burning in my feet and after about 6 weeks I could see a great improvement with the pain. I still have some numbness in my lower legs and knees to the bottom of my feet. But the improvement has been so much that my balance is better now and I can walk without feeling dizzy or drunk feeling. I have much better balance and I am really pleased with the way things are going so far and I feel like eventually I will be able to recover from this. It’s been God’s blessing that started this treatment and I really am thankful for it.

Jessie Y., Jackson, MS-Testimony
Hi. My name is Jessie. I’m from Jackson. I’ve been having some difficulties with my lower back since 2007 when I ruptured a disc emptying the dishwasher. I was on pain pills for several weeks and then went to a pain specialist and had an epidural and was doing quite well until I noticed I was having trouble with my legs. They were restless; terrible cramps, pain and sometimes numbness and tingling. Plus I was experiencing a lot of balance issues culminating in 2 to 3 falls within the past year, which is very scary. I was on the Internet trying to find someone and several people had asked if I had Neuropathy, which I didn’t know what that was, so I was looking up Neuropathy and found Dr. Joanie. And so I emailed her office and immediately within the next several days I had information in the mail from them and an appointment. I’ve been coming to her clinic twice a week from February until June, and then I’ve been coming once a week. I feel like I’ve had a lot of improvement, especially with my balance issues. I don’t seem to have the pain in my lower back or legs. The cramping is better, I still have it some, but my balance issues have improved greatly because I haven’t fallen, but I do have that fear still. I look forward to coming to the clinic. I feel so good after I leave and feel like I could run a marathon. If you knew me you knew I couldn’t! I have actually sent my dentist and he is coming here and talked with him about it and he is now a regular patient at the clinic as well. We talk about how we feel and the improvements and what a great environment it is and how caring Dr. Joanie and the staff are. If you come, you will notice that as you talk with others patients they also are talking about their improvements and how they feel about their treatments here. I would highly recommend you giving it a try. It certainly has been beneficial to me.

Mr. Billy Jo C., Carthage, MS- Testimony
I’m Billy Jo C.. I’m 68 years old. I had a stroke a few years ago and I’ve had back surgery and neuropathy in my legs. I had no feelings in my legs down. I’ve been to numerous doctors and pain management and none of them seemed to help. The treatment I’ve had here, I now have feeling from the knees down. It’s not 100 percent and it’s more than I’ve had and I’m able to balance myself better. I’m able to move and have control over my legs and the pain is not near about as bad. I’ve been suffering from this condition for 6 years. I would recommend Dr. Winstead highly because she’s been a lifesaver to me.

My name is Elizabeth (Libby) from Jackson. I have some good news for those of you who suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. I have suffered for over 2 years with Peripheral Neuropathy. I have been to 3 Doctors, Medical, Specialist and Podiatrist. None of these could help me. The Podiatrist ordered Special made shoes, which were no help. The specialist ordered a brace for my right leg and foot and a special shoe for my left foot. Still no help, I was still crying with pain. The pain was so bad I had to use a walker or walking stick to walk. One night about 1:30 AM I could not sleep because of the pain. I thought there has to be someone somewhere that could help me. I got on my computer and looked up Neuropathy. The first thing I saw was Dr. Winstead. She talked about going back to school to study neuropathy so she could help her Grandmother who was in so much pain from Neuropathy. Am I glad Dr. Winstead did go back to school!!
She ask that I call for an appointment and let her see if she could help me. I made my appointment and she could help me. I started my treatment and in 2 weeks my pain in my feet was gone. I have been going to Dr. Winstead for 6 months and my pain has not returned.
Dr. Winstead and her staff are so friendly and will help you any way they can. When you go there it’s like visiting friends not like a Doctors office. (If its raining one of the staff will bring an umbrella to your car to get you.) Dr. Winstead herself will help you to your car or anything you need. I thank God every day for leading me to Dr. Winstead and her staff. I now have control. I will get my life back to doing the things I love to do and thought I never could.
I would highly recommend Dr. Winstead to anyone suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. She is more than a Doctor. She is so caring and continuing to study.

Ms. Libby P.

My name is
Sandra W. and I live in Florence, MS.

And what condition prompted you to seek treatment?
I have chronic pain, lower back pain, hip pain, fibro, intestinal problems and fatigued all the time.
How long have you suffered with Peripheral Neuropathy and your other conditions?
Well, about 11 years.
What activities does your Peripheral Neuropathy prevent you from participating in?
I had to give up my gardening and my yard work, traveling, exercising. I felt like I was just not living.
How many Doctors or Specialists have you seen about your condition?
I’ve been to 7 or 8 and they would just give me a pill, a pain pill and send me home.
So how well did those treatments actually work for you?
Well, I had some Physical Therapy and that helped a little but mostly it was pain pills. And I would have to take enough, you know, to relieve the pain and I’d have to take enough and then it would put me to sleep.

Please tell us how you found out about Dr. Winstead?
This is a story! My brother lives in Atlanta and he works in a bookstore. He made friends with this man and he and his wife invited my brother over for dinner. And I had told my brother, not too long before that, that my life was over, that I was just so depressed and everything. And so he went to their house for dinner one night and found out that the man’s wife was a Chiropractor. So he started telling my story to her. She said, “I know who you need to go see!” So I went to see Dr. Barlow, Dr. Winstead’s colleague, in Tupelo, MS. But he then, I figure he did some analyzing and tests. To help me out since Tupelo is so far, he recommended Dr. Winstead in Carthage.

What do you think about Dr. Winstead and her staff?
I think they are very professional. I think they show compassion and sincere concern for their patients.
And how long have you been being treated by Dr. Winstead’s office for your Peripheral Neuropathy? So far it has been 2 months.
And were your treatments painful at all? No
How long did you receive your treatments for your Peripheral Neuropathy before you began to feel some improvement in your symptoms? Four to five weeks.
Are you glad that you made that decision to come and see Dr. Winstead? Of course, it’s just been life changing.
Are you now able to have your life back and do the activities that you never thought you’d be able to do again? Yes, yes I have. I’m just amazed at how far I’ve come in this short time because this is a year long program and if I’ve improved this much in that short time, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like, you know, when I’m at the end of the program.
And would you recommend Dr. Winstead to your friends, family or anyone suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy who may be watching this video? I have already started telling people and recommending her. It’s not that far if you live in Jackson or around Jackson. So yes, I have. I’ve been sharing my story alot.

Well great, thank you Mrs. Sandra